Flatbed Skates Towing

What is a Flatbed Skates Tow?

A Flatbed skates tow is when, what in the industry is called a “Skate”, is used to assist in loading and unloading a vehicle on a flatbed truck. A skate is a wedged shape plastic tool that comes in various shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Flatbed Skates Towing Near Me

A Flatbed Skates towing is typically used in situations where the vehicle has encountered severe damage to 1 or more of its wheels or associated components. If your wheels have fallen off, your ball joints or control arms have been damaged, bent or broken, or tie-rod have gone bad, it is essential to use a flatbed skates towing. The skates are used to prevent any further damage to your vehicle as well as to our tow trucks during transport.

Regardless of the type, size, make, or model, we are proficient in using flatbed skates towing for any vehicle. Our driver will be able to properly assess how to efficiently transport the vehicle to the nearest shop, your mechanic, or your preferred destination safely. If there is some other tow type that you need, please check out the list of towing services we offer.

Why Primary Towing Los Angeles?

Primary Towing Los Angeles has a network of flatbed tow trucks with skates available and capable of providing any flatbed skates towing throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Studio City, and surrounding cities. We got you covered!

Our network drivers are professional and well equipped with all the right tools to safely get your vehicle to your preferred destination. Primary Towing Los Angeles has staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With one phone call, we can dispatch the closest flatbed skates towing service nearest you to come to your rescue. We can also provide FREE flatbed skates towing service if you have towing and roadside assistance added to your vehicle insurance coverage. Please provide your car insurance when you call us and we will verify. Call us NOW!