Local Towing Service

What is a Local Tow?

Within the industry of towing, a local towing service by definition is any vehicle transportation of 50 miles or less. Having said that, that means any tow within the greater Los Angeles area would generally be considered a local tow.

Local Towing in Los Angeles

Primary Towing Los Angeles specializes in local towing services in the Los Angeles, California and surrounding cities. We have various tow trucks and highly trained drivers capable of towing any type of vehicle from light to medium to heavy duty vehicles locally. It doesn’t matter if you have a sedan, SUV, pick-up truck, exotic sports car, classic car, RV, bus, motor home, semi-truck, or 18 wheeler, we can handle it all. Whether you want to tow your car to your house or your mechanic’s shop because of engine or mechanical failure, an accident or you simply want to transport your vehicle from one location to another location within the Los Angeles area, we got you covered.

If you have an exotic sports car or classic car that may need local towing, then our Flatbed towing service might work best. For your RV, bus, semi-truck etc…, then our Heavy Duty Towing services would be best. You can check out the various towing options we offer.

If you are looking for something that involves longer transportation and/or towing beyond the Los Angeles, California area, please consider our Long Distance Towing services that are just as affordable and efficient.

Why Primary Towing Los Angeles?

We have an expansive network of drivers in the Los Angeles regional area, which allows us to cover a larger area very quickly. For local towing services, we try to get you a response within 30 min so that we can get you safely and quickly to wherever you are going.

For the closest local towing service nearest you, call Primary Towing Los Angeles! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ask us about how you can get a free local towing with your insurance.