Light & Medium Duty Towing

What is a Light & Medium Duty Tow?

Generally speaking, when most people mention light & medium towing, they are usually referring to your typical standard towing services. These are typically your average smaller cars, sedans, or SUVs that you see on the road.

Light & Medium Duty Towing Near Me

Primary Towing Los Angeles specializes in Light & Medium Towing services in the Los Angeles, California and surrounding cities. We have an extensive collection of tow trucks and network of highly trained drivers that are effective and efficient at moving Light & Medium vehicles. No matter whether you have a small car, motorcycle, sedan, mini or big SUV, Pick-up truck (like the Ford F150-550), Sprinter bus, Passenger bus, box truck, tractor, or any similar sized vehicle, our staff is capable of handling it.

If you unexpectedly experiences engine or mechanical failure, or you get into a car accident or some other unexpected circumstance, our light & medium towing service can help get you and your car to the closest shop or your preferred location to have it repaired. Or even you simply just want to transport your vehicle from one location to another within the Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas, we got you covered. If you have an exotic car or are in a particular situation that requires a specialized tow, click here to see the list of towing services we offer that might be best suited for your needs.

If you are looking for something that involves longer transportation and/or towing beyond the Los Angeles, California area, please consider our Long Distance Towing services that are just as affordable and efficient.

Why Primary Towing Los Angeles?

We have network operators all around the city of Los Angeles, which allows us to target any area of the region very quickly. For the closest light & medium duty towing service nearest to you, we can generally get to you within 30 min of dispatching a driver. We accept all insurances for free or discounted towing services.

Primary Towing Los Angeles’s highly qualified staff is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any of your questions and to send the necessary help you need to you as quickly as possible so as to get you on your way home. So call us NOW!