Long Distance Towing

What is a Long Distance Tow?

Within the industry, usually anything over 50 miles is considered to be long distance towing. Generally, towing services provided within the county of Los Angeles is going to be a local tow. If however, you need to get to say Orange County, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas or further, that would be classified as a long distance tow.

Long Distance Towing from Los Angeles

Primary Towing Los Angeles has a sub-specialty in long distance towing services. We service any long distance tow that originates in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Studio City, and surrounding cities. With car carriers and flatbed trucks, our highly skilled network of drivers are capable of towing any types of vehicle from light to medium to heavy duty vehicles comfortably over a long distance. It doesn’t matter if you have a sedan, SUV, pick-up truck, exotic sports car, luxury car, classic car, RV, bus, motor home, or semi-truck, we can handle it all.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of experiencing an electrical or mechanical breakdown or a car accident while visiting the Los Angeles area and would like to have your vehicle towed back to your city or state that is greater than 75 miles away, then a long distance tow would be your best bet. Alternatively, we can also provide you a local tow to the nearest auto or body shop to get your car repaired.

And of course, we provide long distance tow if you simply would like to transport your vehicle from one city or state to another. We have provided hundreds of long distance towing services for owners of exotic, luxury, and classic cars who would prefer not to put mileage on their vehicles or add wear and tear. For others, it is because they are moving and do not want the headache of driving their vehicle and instead entrust us with the safe transport of their vehicle.

Why Primary Towing Los Angeles?

Most towing companies will not perform any tow outside of the local area. However, because of the reach of our resources, Primary Towing Los Angeles is willing and capable to provide long distance towing services as needed.

With our office staff being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can help you plan your long distance tow or if you need a last minute closest long distance towing nearest you, we can definitely assist with that as well on short notice. We have all the necessary tow trucks and equipment (see list of our towing services) needed to perform successful long distance towing. So call us NOW!